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    wth ** Background not changing when Remote Shared Object Syncs **

    EMelville Level 1

      I just don't get it, every indication proves that it should be working. I've even connected to the Streaming Server Successfully but when it "Syncs" it runs the code below and I even see the Alert Window come up... can anyone help? I can get this to run from any other component, just not the default application.mxml:


      public function initRSO():void


      Branding_so = SharedObject.getRemote("bgColor1",  AmbientUserData.nc.uri, true);

      Branding_so = SharedObject.getRemote("bgColor2",  AmbientUserData.nc.uri, true);

      Branding_so = SharedObject.getRemote("txtColor",  AmbientUserData.nc.uri, true);

      Branding_so = SharedObject.getRemote("FrontLogoUrl",  AmbientUserData.nc.uri, true);






      public function rsoHandler(e:SyncEvent):void


      // Colors Tab

      application.setStyle("backgroundGradientColors", [Branding_so.data.bgColor1, Branding_so.data.bgColor2]);

      Application.application.setStyle("color", Branding_so.data.txtColor);

      loader1.source = Branding_so.data.FrontLogoUrl;

      message.text = Branding_so.data.bgColor1;

      mx.controls.Alert.show('I made it!');