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    Digital Signature is invalid after clearing and resigning

    S V Satish Kumar Level 1





      I have a form which will be signed by two persons say User 1and User 2.

      User 1 fills the form, Signs the form and send that to User 2.Few fields in the form are locked once the User 1 signs the form.

      User 2 can approve or send the form back to User 1 for changes by signing the form.


      When the User 1 receives the form from User 2, the fields are locked and inorder to Change the data the User 1 needs to clear and resign the form again.



      The User 1 signature is not valid after clearing and resigning when i tried to validate the signatures.But User 2 signature is valid.


      Please suggest me a solution for this.



      S.V.Satish Kumar

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          I posted a reply to your other post before seeing this one.  It sounds like a form design problem.  By default, when you add a signature field, it is configured to "Lock Fields After Signing", this will lock all the fields on the form.  When using multiple signatures on a form, you need to create field collections that contain specific fields that will be associated with a particular signature field.  This way when a user signs, it doesn't affect fields that are not associated with another signature.


          I have attached a simple sample.