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    Place many PDFs in separate Indesign files, reexport to pdf

    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I hope someone can help me out. I'll looking to automate many pdfs, I have 100's.


      I need to place a pdf into indesign in separate files, then re-export back as a PDF again.


      All the pdfs have different page counts etc.They are all A4 sized PDFs, 210 x 297mm.


      I just want to put all the PDFs into their own InDesign file and reexport to PDF again  and I don't need to save the Indesign file.


      Reason I need this:

      I need to Save all the pdfs as RTF, and some of the PDFs have bad tags and won't allow me to save as RTF.


      I can batch process them in Acrobat to Print to PDF and that works for some, but not all the PDFs, it won't print some of them back to PDF.


      I have 100's of these "bad pdfs" and it would be great to be able to place them all into separate indesign files and export out as pdf again. It will be tedious to run the PDF importer and export for all of the files.


      It would be great to place and export the pdf again and then have that batch process the rest of the PDFs in the folder? It would need to save it to a different folder so not to override the original


      I am just looking to automate the process.


      Any help is appreciated.