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    problem in getting image?

    435.mahesh Level 1

      i have one.mxml.It will contains image like this
             <mx:Image id="id_logo" source="@Embed(source='images/images1.jpg')" height="91" width="100"  x="731" y="22"/>
      and Two.mxml
      //i want to access that image(one.mxml)
        the code in two.mxml is
         public function fnUpload()
            var a:one=new one();
          a.id_logo.source="here image path";     -----(1)
      <mx:button label="get" click="fnUpload()"/>


      when i run this application i am getting error like
      can not call property on null object reference at (1)

      How to do that?



      D.Mahesh Babu