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    Search Results in RoboHelp Application

      Does any one know how to control the order that RoboHelp will display the search results when you choose the search option on a published project? When I search for a phrase, I would like to see all topics first, then word documents, then spreadsheest in my project. I am using RoboEngine to publish a Robo WinHelp project.
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          Roger N Level 2
          ejszym -

          Welcome to the forum. You post is a bit confusing; are you using RoboEngine in some manner, or did you mean using RoboHelp to publish a Winhelp system? Perhaps you are building a Winhelp 2000 system, a speciality of RoboHelp? Either way, RoboEngine shouldn't be involved.

          If you are indeed creating Winhelp files, the search results are not very open to customization. One might be able to tap into the search of an htmlhelp file (.chm). WebHelp's search could be made to do it, with some custom scripting. Not sure about WebHelp Pro, which uses the RoboEngine.

          More details, please.