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    Force Flex to wait to Update the Display or Cursor?

    MixMastaJames Level 1

      I have an AIR Application that copies files, updates strings, lots of things that happen in for loops... and while the code is running, I try to get it to update progress bars and labels.. the problem is, is while the code is running, it "freezes" the display and looks like it crashes the program.


      Is there anyway to make Flex tell it to update the display?  For those of you that may have used VB6 way back when, they had a "DoEvents()" that did this... I'm looking for something like that.. something that will allow me to show the user that something IS happening, and its not crashing the system.  I've even tried to change the mouse cursor, but it doesn't even give it time to change the cursor before it runs the code so you never even see that.


      How can I get it to wait for these things to happen?