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    Coloring outside the lines


      Excuse my naiveity...  I'm an Illustrator novice (better in photoshop).


      I have vector art -- line art -- that was provided by a freelance artist I'm working with.  He does the line art and then I typically take it into photoshop and color it however we want.


      That has always worked perfectly (for screenprinting), but now we are using a manufacturing process that's digital and requires vector art.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to "paint" the art in illustrator.


      I found live paint and it's great, but I need the coloring to be a little more "sloppy" -- like child's art.  It needs to roughly fill in the spaces rather than fill them in perfectly.


      Is there any uncomplicated way to do this?  Is there a way to make the color areas their own layer and then manipulate them?   I have about 25 designs that I need to turnover asap to the company that's doing the work for us.


      I've searched the web endlessly and can't find anything that addresses this...


      Thanks so much in advance for your help.