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    Acrobat 9 flash/flex form scrolling and hand mouse pointer problems

    S. Alexander



      There is pdf file with embeded flash swf file inside. Main business logic has been implemented on flash: there are drop-down interactive menu and  navigation links.


      I've noticed 2 problems related to Acrobat (flash movie itself, standalone, works correctly):


      1. Scrolling over drop-down menu doesn't work: mouse wheel doesn't scroll content of drop-down form menu. So, I have to manually click on scroll bar.


      2. Hand mouse pointer over links losses "hand" icon. Hand icon shows for short period and then disappears but should be visible while mouse pointer is over a link.


      I managed to test these problems on Windows, MacOS with Acrobat Proffessional 9.0 and Acrobat Reader 9.1


      So, Is there any way to resolve these problems?



      Thanks in advance