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    HDV export from AEX CS3 or CS4

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      I have an HDV 1080/50 project which is made up primarily from graphics and stills. I need to export it to Avid for editing in a HDV file.  I can't see an option to do that. I can export it to a blu-ray file but Avid won't accept .m2v files. I can render it out lossless but that means 2GB files for 8 second movies.


      Is there an easy option to render out in HDV in a format which Avid will accept?





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          There is no way to export native HDV streams nor would it probably do you any good, given Avid's tendency to conform imports to the current project format. Use normal Quicktime files with Animation or PNG compression or one of the Avid CoDecs (MPEG I-Frame etc.). Other than that, in the future simply capture your Avid stuff to a different compression. Then you can use the native Avid CoDecs all the way without anything ever requiring conversion and lengthy waits on import....



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            Thanks. So would you suggest quicktime files using one of the (many) Avid codecs available?