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    Using Conditional Build Tag - need to exclude PDFs in excluded topics


      Hi there -- I am using RoboHelp 8.  I have begun creating what will be a large project (but is currently only about 100 topics).


      Eventually it will contain Process and workflow details that will drill all the way down to step-by-step software instructions.  But right now I just want to publish one software user guide (the step-by-step instruction).


      I used conditional build tags to exclude all the process topics (which include links to launch PDF files, spreadsheets, ppts, etc.).  When I publish as WebHelp everything comes out perfectly.  The only issue is that when I search for a keyword, the search results bring up the files that are hyperlinked on those excluded topics.


      I would like to exclude these files (PDFs, xls, ppts, etc.) from the search results, either by not having them be published with the project or just excluding any non-html files from the search results.  How do I do this?


      Thank you for your time.