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    Signing exe files

    UT Janet Level 1

      Does anyone add a (company) signature to their Cap4 produced exe files? We try to sign all our executables and had no problems with Cap3 but are now having problems. The signed exe doesn't run, error screen shots attached below.


      Some details... I'm using the aggregator to publish the .exe. All the swf files within the aggregator are swf files published with Flash Player 9. The exe runs fine before the signature.


      Here is some information on how we sign the files:


      We use signtool.exe to digitally sign files. This is a program distributed by Microsoft, here is a link to the documentation:


      We also tried to sign the file using InstallShield 2008. This program signs all of our installs (exe files). We have never had any problems up to this point with any signed files.