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    Transitions and labels

    PrinceKheldar Level 1

      Hi everybody!

      I have this small test program where I have two states, one with 2 labels and one (base state) without.

      I also have an image that makes the change from state "base" to state "withLabels".

      Good news, this simple code works just fine.

      Since I'm such a megalomaniac, I decided I wanted more Adobe goodness: I would add TRANSITIONS!

      Bad news, this doesn't work. Or, shoud I say... it works just fine, but not as I intended.

      What I thought would happen: the "transitionned sequence" would start, label1 would wipeLeft, then label2 would wipeLeft. Fine.

      That's exactly what happens! Can I has a cookie?

      But there is a catch: label2 displays while label1 does its wipeLeft. No cookie for me then.

      Now, is there some property to set such as "startTransitionHidden"? I can't believe I either have to:

      - set up one state per element I wish to sequence (THAT seems stupid)


      - play with addChild/removeChild (which seems to beat the purpose of using states to me).


      Can someone with his considerable knowledge and magnanimous greatness (am I overdoing it here?) help me solve this question:

      how can I make my transition display fine?

      (For the record, the effect I had in mind when I started out, by the way, is the "Mission:Impossible" or James Bond movies effect where some action takes place and labels come typewriting over it, one at a time, as in : "Murmansk, Russia"--> label1, then "Present day, present time"-->label2)