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    Captivate 4 problems with audio import in powerpoint presentations


      I am trying to import powerpoint presentations made in powerpoint 2003 which contain audio.

      When I import them to captivate 4 I cannot hear the audion on each slide when I hit the play button.

      Also, when I go to "Preview" "Play this slide (F3)" I get no audio.

      If I "Preview" "Presentation" (F4) the audio plays very fast (like the "chipmunks").

      If I "Preview" "From this slide (F8)" I get no sound.

      If I "Preview" "The next 5 slides (F10)" I get no sound.


      If I double click on the audio timeline and select the "audio" tab in the "Slide Properties" box and click the play button or edit the audio it plays normally.


      I need to get this audio done ASAP.  Is there anyone who knows what is going on?


      Thanks for your help.