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    Montage Themes?


      I am concidering purchasing Premiere Elements and am wondering if they have any montage themes?  I worked with Pinnacle 12 and they had some cool stuff, such as a photo album montage theme, that I could insert pictures into then include it in my movie.  I don't think it was like the Instant Movie feature...or am I wrong?


      Any input would be much appreciated!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The program comes with a couple dozen themes that create InstantMovies from photos or video clips you've gathered. You can also download a few more if you have a Photoshop.com Plus account.


          They're all essentially montages.


          Why don't you download the free trial and see if they're what you're looking for?

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            dghulsizer Level 1

            Thanks for your response.  I have downloaded the free trial and it only has one of the instant movie themes and it is a little different than the montages in Studio 12.  The one that I was playing with in Studio 12 was a photo album theme, it had 4 different choices with turning pages, an album opening up, and an album closing.


            Can you tell me what other instant movies are available in Elements?  Also, can I pick and choose what parts of the instant movie I want to keep and cut out other parts?


            Thanks again for any help!

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The movie themes are:


              Birthday Party

              European Travel

              Outdoor Wedding

              Road Trip

              Pan and Zoom Slideshow

              Wedding Doves


              Comic Book

              Extreme Sports

              Fairy Tale

              Family Memories



              Kid's Channel

              Memory Box

              Music Video


              Performance Star

              Secret Agent




              Yes, you can pick and choose which effects and/or music is applied, as you'll see as you work with the theme included with the trial.


              But I don't know enough about Pinnacle Studio to say if themes work the same as its montages.

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                dghulsizer Level 1

                Thanks for all your help!