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    How do I work around large AIR Installer file for app updates?


      I develop AIR apps which often come with many included files (pdf, doc, swf, images, etc).  These get quite large, Total Air installer size measured in Gigs.   Distribution is via DVD.  Currently I create sub-folders under my project and place the assets.  Works fine.


      The rub comes when I want to issue program updates.  The AIR update process would be great if I could just update my main program swf, but what I'm finding is that even if I'm doing a minor code update I still have to create this same multi-gigabyte AIR installer.


      If I were using a Visual Studio installer I'd just include some sort of run-once that would copy all the assets after the installer completed.  Then when building an update it would skip the 'copy all' part...but I can't see any way to do something similar with the AIR installer.


      So, to summarize, I'd like to be able to issue updates to my main AIR SWF without including all the assets again.  Any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance,