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    hide text conditionally


      I am creating a form where in each section i would like to have "additional notes". however, if there are no additional notes, i would like it to be hidden, so the person reading/filling it out is not confused or believes the document is not completed. i know how to hide and show certain things but that is not necessarily what i want. it needs to be based on what the user wants when filling it out.


      i was thinking if maybe i set it up so there was a check box next to it and if checked, the user can input the additional notes. if unchecked it will be hidden from the document when printed.


      i was hoping someone would be able to help. thanks so much!

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          Paul Butenko Level 3


          Will youre form be generated dynamically be Forms ES based on some XML with data. Or you will create some static form?


          You can put some checkbox (Show additional notes) under each section, code which will show it will be something like this:

          OnClick event:

          if (this.rawValue == 1 ) {

          additionalNotes.presence = "visible"





          Paul Butenko