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    lower field to upper field

    JBrown321 Level 1

      I work for a production company and we shoot all of are material on dvcam, and all of our editing is of course DV25 NTSC lower filed first.  When we are done with a spot, we ftp a rendered mpeg-2 file down to another facility that then uses a program called filpfactory to compress it furthur (ouch!) to be broadcast locally.  The other facility produces there own videos shooting with the jvc hdv cameras that are upper field first. They want us to send down our videos as upper field first like theirs even though all of our footage and graphics(After effects ect.) are lower field first.  Is this not a problem, especially with moving graphics?  The other facility must have everything set up for upper field first in their software.  they want us to send them an upper field first file that is going to be "flipped" or compressed again into another upper field first file. Mixing and matching filed orders like this is a disaster waiting to happen right?  They are upper field first, we are lower field first, so there should be a preset they setup for lower field first right?  I hope this amkes sense and thanks for any help.