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    Translating Help Files

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      I'm trying to figure out what the ramifications are for doing this, but if anyone can enlighten me it'd be much appreciated. My company is trying to figure out the best way to do translation, but I'll first explain what the project will entail.


      The project will contain both a mixture of English and French topics, which will save us quite a bit of money.


      Anyway, this is what my manager has proposed:


      1. Make a copy of my original English RoboHelp project.

      2. After getting back the translated .html files, I drop them back into my RoboHelp subproject directories, essentially overwriting the English equivalents with the French topics.

      3. Attempt to rebuild the project in RoboHelp.


      I did a few tests using this process and have already found that my TOC is messed up (there is absolutely no structure and no books). Also, I'd have to fix each index entry separately for some reason.


      Can anyone shed some light, please?