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    I've done it. PassMark over 6000!!!

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      I am happy to report to you that I have regained the NUMBER 1 position on the PassMark benchmark test, after having been passed by a couple of other systems in the past months. Inspired by Nados (or should I say Nelson?) and Bill Gehrke I have overclocked my system more intensely amd have now managed a score of 6055.2 on the most recent test, while remaining below 4,2 GHz in clock speed. I know this score can be improved upon, but I did not want to take any more time to accomplish that. It will not mean that editing will be faster, because to achieve this I had to heavily tweak my system and that makes it impractical for editing. Nevertheless, I'm glad to be back. See http://www.passmark.com/baselines/top.html


      As Roger Whittaker once said: "I'm back where I belong"


      PS. Results will probably be posted tomorrow due to the time difference between NZ and NL.


      30-05-2009 Passmark.jpg