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    Need help unloading an External .swf within another external .swf


      My main project loads an external .swf ("room") depending on which button the user clicks. Once that external .swf ("room") is loaded, the viewer chooses a ("demo") .swf to view. I need the "demo" .swf to unload once it is finished playing so that the viewer sees the 1st external .swfs menu again. All .swfs are loaded into an empty loader component. The "demo" swfs were created in captivate thus I don't have access to a timeline for them.


      I imported a .swf into captivate that will call a function at the end ie..._root.unloadCaptivate();

      and I have the following code in the originally loaded .swf

      function unloadCaptivate() {
      btnEndPeriod_btn.enabled = true;
      btnCashCollect_btn.enabled = true;
      btnFinancialMGMT_btn.enabled = true;
      _root.btnHome_mc._visible = false;
      btnAcct_mc._visible = false;
      btnPlay._visible = false;
      btnPause._visible = false;

      That all works fine, but when I load "room" .swfs into the main .swf, the unloadCaptivate(); no longer works...any ideas? Thanks!