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    Undefined cast members, that exist within the cast


      Working on a relatively large Director project. We have quite a few speech files we're calling (Three thousand some), with the majority of these casts we don't seem to have a problem, but with one of the casts we occasionally get a "sound not defined" error when trying to access sound files within said cast.

      We're wondering what could be causing this problem as sometimes the sound file will load up just fine, while in other runs through the application we will get the error.

      Thank you!
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          Two things come to mind, one is typos, and the second is that you have more than one member with the same name. Director only ever has one open cast library, regardless of how many you have. If you call for a member that is not in the current cast, Director will start to look for it in the first cast and move one cast to cast. If you have two members, one a sound and another a bitmap, for instance, and the bitmap member is in a lower numbered cast, then Director will find it first. If you always specify the member and the castLib then you should be OK, but its still better to not have duplicate member names.