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    MergedProjects: Cross Project Linking Between Children/Projects


      I've been successfully merging projects for quite sometime now using Peter Grainge's "Merged Help" article/information, but nothing has been as extensive with cross project links as with the current projects I'm working on (and having problems with) now. Basically, my question is I was wondering if there was any trick to cross project linking between child projects. With the way I have my project set up now, it's 100% successful after it's been generated to link from the parent project to anyone of the child projects and from anyone of the child projects back to the parent project. However, I receive "Screen Cannot Be Displayed" when I click a hyperlink that links from child to child in every case. When I open up a child project in RH and preview the topic and test the link child-to-child links work. It's just at the time of generation that they don't work. I have my projects setup like this before generation:




      Projects -- There are 12 RH projects that reside in this folder all in a sub-folder of their own


      Generate -- I generated the parent here after creating the TOC with merged projects correctly and that created a MergedProjects folder with 12 empty folders for each of the children/projects. I then generated each of the children separately to the appropriate sub folder in this folder.


      Like I said, everything shows up in the TOC correctly after generation. Also, any cross project links between the parent and the child works great. The problem is when I open a topic (for example) in Child 1 with a link to Child 12 the link is broken.


      Any ideas?