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    Black flickering problem in Premiere Pro CS3/CS4


      Hi there,


      I've been on vacation to the usa and shot 8 hours of film with a Canon HV30 in cinema mode using the normal 50i mode.

      Now i'm trying to edit al these hours of video but I have a problem, well a couple of problems but solved some.


      The main problem is that there is some black flickering in dark shots.


      What I've done:


      - Shot film with a Canon HV30 in cinema mode using normal 50i mode.

      - Captured the video with HDVSplit.

      - When I open these M2T files in a normal player (like nero showtime 3 player) there is no black flickering.

      - When I import the video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (also tried CS4, same problem) I get black flickering. Even when I watch the video in the preview pane. Also after exporting the video there is black flickering.

      - Tried different project settings but normal HDV 50i should work. No difference when trying different project settings (tested them all lol).


      Shots which were taken outside with enough daylight doesn't have the flickering problem. Only shots at night and dark indoor shots.


      Anybody who can help me with this? Googled and searched the forum but couldn't find a good solution.


      Example of the video with flickering can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llHhATOPPWI


      A side problem:

      When I capture a whole tape in CS4 (and CS3) in HDV mode the audio gets out of sync after 25 minutes or something. Why is that? Many people have the same problem, but no solutions? Split scenes sucks.