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    Radiance/Glow effect?


      Hello all,

      for my next film I need to make the actors' skin glow and am writing to ask for your thoughts/experiences on the best way to do this. I am using the CS4 version of After Effects and have the rest of the Production Premium package. I am most interested in having the skin surface itself appear to glow as opposed to having a white light shine off of their skin, don't know if this is possible but if so then I'm all ears! Thanks!


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lots of ways to do this. Duplicate the layer, add a bit of blur, change the blend mode to screen, then adjust opacity to taste is probably the easiest. It's sometimes called instant sex....


          You can also isolate the skin tones by masking, color values, or other techniques, create a mask for a duplicate layer, then blur and blend. Again, you use duplicates of the layers. This is not an effect that is usually accomplished with a single layer.


          There are also 3rd party plug-ins that will smooth out flesh tones. Give the first suggestion a try and let me know if it's close to what you want. If you have a sample image someone will probably have a technique that will work for you.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            In addition to softening things up, you may also want to actually blend the skin colors first. Tools like RevisionFX' SmoothKit can help a lot in that regard, but of course you can also e.g. use Compound Blur or Lens Blur with the red channel as input. Along the same lines, Remove Grain can do some nice evening out. If you are working with compressed footage, you definitely should remove block artifacts or else you may end up dirtying your skin tones when you blur the compression edges...



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              cdavison2009 Level 1

              Hi Rick,

              I am a noob when it comes to After Effects so to make I understand the process: I duplicate the parts of the frame that I want to add the glow to, let's say the hands of one of the actors in the shot. Once I have this duplicate layer I blur it then I change blend mode to 'screen' then I reduce the layer's opacity? This all sounds great but where does the white glow come in? Looking to have a radiance effect where the actor's skin glows, makes sense to put a layer on top and then modify that layer's softness, opacity, etc, but how do I make it shine/radiate? Thanks!



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                cdavison2009 Level 1

                Don't have any plug-ins so I'm looking (hoping) to find something in After Effects that will help me to achieve this effect. Adding blur and removing grain will give their skin a softness and nice look but how do I make it glow/radiate?



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                  Andy Bay Level 2

                  Have you tried the effect named "Glow" that can be found in the stylize-category?