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    dashes in xml node names


      I need to parse an xml document returned by a web-service. It does not, nor do we want it to, follow any SOAP or wdsl standard.. However I still need to parse it (hence the flex becomes unflexible).


      Some of the nodes names in the xml document have dashes it is.. (ex. <node-name></node-name>) However flex does not let me access these nodes..


      If I try and parse a mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent thus :


      someObject = event.result.root.node-name as someObjectType;


      I get an error: 1120: Access of undefined property structure.  ...  line 16    1253139374175    81


      However when I traverse the event object in the debugger.. the result.root.node-name object is in debugger as an ObjectProxy.. so what gives? I have to use boring one word node names? Is Flex so inFlexible?