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    Is it possible to precomp text, then enlarge it and maintain it's crisp vector like edges?

    dansch37 Level 2

      I animated text over my company's new surgical kit, highlighting and flashing the text in sync with the different parts of the kit also flashing at the same points in time to explain the protocol. A fair bit of work in doing that. However it was a boring straght-on angle, so I precomped the whole thing and put the Power Pin effect on it for a more dynamic angle. Looks killer! I'm stoked! But wait, that text looks like it was rasterized and enlarged in Photoshop. Yes I enlarged the text slightly when I used the Power Pin effect but never rasterized it. Is this just the nature if After Effects or is there a precomping text and enlarging it while maintaining it's crisp vector like edges?

      (see attached Jpg)