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    Create Flash file with external MP3?

    Wesley Faries Level 1

      I'm working on a radio show website that has a "listen to the show" page that will include a MP3 of the radio from that morning, the MP3 will be updated every day after the show.


      What's happening is I'm setting up the page so that it links to a file called radioshow.mp3, and once set up the client will upload the new radioshow.mp3 everyday, replacing the previous day one therefore automatically updating the page with the latest audio.


      That's the background, this is what we're needing to do: We're needing to create a Flash file that has one still "You're Listening To The Radio Show" type image that the viewers look at while listening to the show.  This is no problem but what I can't figure out is how to have Flash file link to the external MP3 file, it's in the same folder but not embedded in the Flash file; so that when the client uploads the new MP3 it updates with the Flash file.


      Is this possible?  If so can someone point me to a link that points me in the right direction?


      Also right quick, it's not possible to export the movie as a FLV right?  I would need a SWF > FLV converter?


      Thank you!,

      Using Flash CS4