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    Thumbnails created with ImageScaleToFit/Cfimage vs JAI creation


      We just upgraded to Coldfusion 8 and I am replacing our java JAI thumbnail creation code with ImageScaleToFit and cfimage to write the new thumbnail image.  It is working and the properties of the image show that I am scaling correctly and the new thumbnails are the same height and width as ones created using the java code.  BUT... the actual filesize of the some of the coldfusion created images is much larger.  For example for a thumbnail that is 100x66, the coldfusion file size is 10.5KB while the java created file is 3KB.  I think that this happens for images that used to fail before we applied the 8.0.1 hotfix.  Images that worked with the plain 8.0.1 seem to be the same size as the java created ones.  Anybody seen this?