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    Multicamera Edit Lags in PPro CS4

    Brea Bill Level 1



      I am experiencing cumulative delays when making multicamera edits using the multicamera window in CS4.  I am about halfway through a 2 hour video, and with 2 or 3 streams of HDV 23.976 (Canon) video everything plays fine in the Multicamera window when starting up PPro fresh.  As soon as I press a key to switch active streams, the video starts playing very jerky, and it takes 2-3 seconds for the red highlight box to switch to the selected stream.  If I continue on without stopping and continue to keyboard select the active multicam window, the delay becomes longer and longer before the red highlight switches to the active stream. And the playback remains jerky.  If I stop playback, and start again everything is smooth until I select a different stream in the multicamera window.


      Playback of the completed multicam edited sequence from the timeline is fine - no issues at all.


      I am running a Core i7 3.0GHz processor with 3GB RAM and multiple SATA 7200K hard drives.


      Any thoughts on what may be causing this?  I don't remember having this type of multicam edit performance degradation with CS3 on a less powerful machine.