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    Request a file from server as authenticated user?


      I am working on a file uploade system for my project. It is important that the files not be visible to an anonymous user who may be able to guess a URL. My project is hosted on an IIS server, so I have set "allow anonymous access" to false for the directory I upload to. Trying to access a valid URL results in a 401 error.


      That solves my privacy/security problem, but leaves me with the question of how in my Flex app to access files in the upload directory.


      As an example, I have a simple Image control embedded in my app with its .source property pointing to a URL within the upload directory. When I run the app, my browser asks for a name and password. I need to provide that data to the server when the app starts up, so the user doesn't see the login box.


      Can anyone give me some pointers?