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    On Click action and submit

    JamesSan Level 1

      I've just inherited a flash file on a project since I was the only one who has even seen actionscript code before.  So, I'm pretty new to this, but have been programming a pretty long time.

      What we want is for the animation to begin upon the user clicking it and then when it finishes proceed to the html post submit.  From what I see, the code seems mostly to be there, there is a 'stop' event, move next event, and even a 'on press' event.  How do I get this to work?

      I can see the code in the actions frame, but can't seem to edit it.  Attempting to debug it, gives me errors on publishing. (How do I change my publishing?)

      This is currently actionscript 2.0. (but we seemingly have no external restrictions on keeping it so)

      As I mentioned, I'm pretty new to this, so if I am asking the wrong questions, please direct me to the right ones.


      Thanks in Advance, J