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    Workflow for editing multiple size projects

    Steve D Green



      I work for a digital design agency and we often produce edits that are for multiple sized placements on websites. For example we may have one for an MPU (300x250), another for a leaderboard (728x90) and so on.


      The problem I've found, and there doesn't seem to be a good solution for, is that Premiere Pro doesn't allow a project setting to be changed after the fact.


      The only solution I've found is creating a new project at the required size, importing the sequence in and rendering from that, and I was wondering if there's a better workflow?


      Somebody suggested using AE to do everything, but it seems to make more sense to me to use the editing app to do the editing. One problem with the workaround is that the sequence just comes in as a single block apparently, it doesn't keep the edits separate. And sometimes I might want to tweak the edit for different placements.


      It all seems a bit convoluted at the moment, and I'm just trying to figure out a streamlined workflow for producing edits to multiple sizes.