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    Video Presentation Technology

    claudiu Community Member

      Hello there,


      I saw some Flash Catalyst video tutorials. I like the way they are made. Could anyone tell me what technology is envolved into those videos?


      - a recording studio, croma key background, a digital camera for the presenter,

      - a video screen capture software ? which one?

      - zooming through the application screens (large details) is made from the video screen capture software or with the help of the post processing software?

      - adobe premiere is envolved for postprocessing or final cut (saw that many presenters use's apple)?

      - which video format is used: .flv or .mov (quick time)?

      - video's are really streamed or emulated through the players?


      Any information will be considered: direct answer, links etc.


      Many thanks for your time,

      Looking forward to hear news from you,


      Claudiu Nemes