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    daily build question #2 - SeekableTrait's _seek stuck



      Again its a dialy build question from my side:




      progressive video, autplay = false, autorewind = false

      media plays and reaches end.



      after media reached end and a new mediaplayer.play(), seeking does not work (_seeking is stuck to true,discarding subsequent user generated seeks. It may have to do with the seek(end_of_media) which is fired continously after media reaches end. Again I did not have the time to look further into this.


      Is this a known problem ?


      Thanks a bunch,


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          bringrags Level 4

          I tried to reproduce with our ExamplePlayer sample app, but I don't see the problem you mention.  It might be specific to your app or content.  Could you either post some sample code, or file a bug?



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            darqwan Level 1

            sure, here's the code:


            package {

            import flash.display.Sprite;

            import flash.display.StageAlign;

            import flash.display.StageScaleMode;


            import org.openvideoplayer.display.MediaPlayerSprite;

            import org.openvideoplayer.display.ScaleMode;

            import org.openvideoplayer.media.URLResource;

            import org.openvideoplayer.net.NetLoader;

            import org.openvideoplayer.utils.URL;

            import org.openvideoplayer.video.VideoElement;

            import org.openvideoplayer.display.ScaleMode;

            import org.openvideoplayer.media.MediaPlayer;

            import org.openvideoplayer.traits.*;

            import org.openvideoplayer.events.*;


            import flash.text.TextField;

            import flash.events.*;



            * Simple OSMF application.  Centers SWF and content.


            public class osmf2 extends Sprite


            public function osmf2()



            var skend:TextField = new TextField();

            skend.text = "1. seek to end";

            skend.selectable = false;

            skend.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, evthndlSeekEnd);


            skend.x =  200;

            skend.y = 20;


            var pb:TextField = new TextField();

            pb.text = "2. wait for end&restart playback";

            pb.selectable = false;

            pb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, evthndlClick);


            pb.width = 200;

            pb.x =  200;

            pb.y = 40;


            var sk:TextField = new TextField();

            sk.text = "3. seek somewhere";

            sk.selectable = false;

            sk.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, evthndlSeek);


            sk.x =  200;

            sk.y = 60;


            stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;

                        stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;


            _player = new MediaPlayer(new VideoElement

            ( new NetLoader

            , new URLResource(new URL(REMOTE_PROGRESSIVE))


            _player.autoRewind =false;


            _sprite = new MediaPlayerSprite(_player);

            _sprite.width = 100;

            _sprite.height = 100;

            _sprite.scaleMode = ScaleMode.LETTERBOX;






            var _player:MediaPlayer;

            var _sprite:MediaPlayerSprite;


            private function evthndlClick(e:MouseEvent){





            private function evthndlSeek(e:MouseEvent) {




            private function evthndlSeekEnd(e:MouseEvent) {

            _player.seek(_player.duration -1);



            private function evthndlResize(e:Event)


            _sprite.width = 100;

            _sprite.height = 100;



            private static const REMOTE_PROGRESSIVE:String

            = "";




            The flv is the Backcountry Bombshells vidoe that you guys also have..



            Does it make sense(is it even possible ?) to file a bug for a daily build ?




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              bringrags Level 4

              Makes sense -- I was able to reproduce.  Seems like the MediaPlayer gets stuck in the "seeking" state at the end of playback.  I noticed that I could recover if I paused and played again.  In any case, good bug.


              Yes, please file a bug against the daily build (in fact that's easier for us to diagnose, as we're all working out of trunk).



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                darqwan Level 1

                sorry I forgot to mention this here, but I filed the bug earlier today - FM-89, so atm, FM-90 is a duplicate.



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                  darqwan Level 1

                  Is there an estimate on fixing this ?  I kind of rely on this fix and I've noticed that there isnt much going on in jira atm..




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                    darqwan Level 1

                    Hello Brian,


                    I decided to implement the workaround you suggested - pause/play. I did a test first and found out that it's actually not working.. I got the latest sources and the problem is still there (hoped it got fixed with the newest code changes).


                    I'm in a really tight spot atm as I didnt estimate the amount of issues I ended up having with OSMF (I really hope that others that decided to go with OSMF dont have my deadline)...



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                      bringrags Level 4

                      I've committed a fix to public trunk (changelist 10512), and marked the bug as resolved.  Please resubmit if it's not fixed for you.