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    Beach Ball of Death on OSX while trying to upload large files(updated)

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      I did a search on this and while I got lots of hits none on this issue.


      We have a web portal that allows customers to upload files to a DAM server, we have control server.


      The issue is not the back end, the back end is php and all set up correctly, we have 2gb ram assigned to php, the upload_max_filesize is set to 1.8gb max post size is set accordingly.

      The flex app loads, user selects large file say 1.6gb ( we do file size check to make sure its below the limit), click upload button, beach ball of death shows, a little while later the file uploads.
      Great so far, now the user tries another files same size, beach ball of death, script times out (we capture this and end gracefully). If the user restarts safari then the file will upload just fine.
      Seems you can upload a large file first time and small files subsequently below 1.2gb, but you can not upload multiple large files.
      Seems some sort of memory leak, I was looking at converting this upload app to send files via ftp, but if the flash player needs to process/load the files first then I don't think this will work looking to increase the file size ceiling to 4gb via ftp.
      Code is a bit involved but in the end just calls file reference upload, then beach ball appears
      Any ideas? player version debug
      UPDATED 09_17_09
      It appears to be a memory leak in the player when in safari, the file is read but the memory not freed up after completion. Firefox frees the used memory after upload and you can continue. Not sure if Apple or Adobe issue.
      However why bother reading the file first? can we have an HTP stream file upload in the web flash player like AIR as. This way the player would not care on the file size and the limitation would reside on the server, which we can deal with.


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