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    RoboHelp numbered paragraph style changing unprompted

    Author care Level 2

      Hi Everyone,

      I've recently encountered a very alarming problem, as an experienced Technical Author my styles are setup to work properly and robustly as per normal practice. Imagine my horror when yesterday formatting changed un prompted as per the example below:


      Normal situation


      1. xxxxx xxxx

          xxxxx xxxx


      The second line of a numbered step paragraph was in this case aligned with the indent of the text on the4 firat line.


      Random change was to this..


      1. xxxxxx xxxx

      xxxxx xxxx


      My point here is not about numbered paragraphs but at the fact that a paragraph style throughout my entire RH project was affected by this style change unprompted. Based on previous advice I've so far checked the following:


      CPD file

      TOC files


      I also observed that the effect dissappeared when I shutdown RH and re-started it, only to re-appear a bit later. And yes I am working locally on a folder off the C drive and not under My documents and my internet browser is IE7.


      My feeling is that this is being caused by something outside of RH....


      Has anyone got any ideas please???

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Do you have this problem only in RoboHelp? What happens if you open the source files with a browser in Windows Explorer?

          What's the html code of your list and if your list changes, how does the html code of that list look then? Last, just to be sure, which version do you use? (I assume you use RoboHelp HTML).





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            Author care Level 2


            Firstly I'm using RH8 HTML, and no other applications are listed. If and when this happens again I'll record any code changes. in the mean time here is the HTML code for the normal case....


            <p>To link analysis lines to a service booking proceed as follows:</p>
            <?rh-list_start level="1" an="1" class="rl-p-NewStepNumber0_RH8" ?><p class="NewStepNumber0_RH8">In
            the xx do this etc</p><?rh-list_end ?>


            When I first migrated to RH8 I had to create new step paragraph styles to get the numbering to work which I did with the help of this forum. Until yesterday the style detailed aboce wroked perfrectly and allows you to number steps even if the sequence is interrupted by a different paragaph style...

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              yenelli Level 1

              I'm having similar problems getting a <?rh-list_start level="1" an="1" class="rl-P-Numlist" ?> style to restart numbering on a given topic (i.e., 2 procedures on one page).


              I'm very interested in the suggested solution. Also using RoboHelp HTML (8.0) to generate WebHelp (htm files) on a server.

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                Author care Level 2


                The following post might help on this one...


                RH8 More Numbering issues


                RH8 uses a different approach to numbering more akin to Framemaker. This allows you to have other paragraph types in between your numbered steps without loosing the sequence of numbering. One problem I've found though is I haven't been able to re-start the numbering sequence within the same topic...