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    Operation Failed when sending attachment from adobe reader - Outlook 2003


      Hi All,


      I have a long standing, intermitant problem from one of our users. When they open a pdf in reader & ask it to send as attachment', it brings up the new email & allows them to type a messge, however when they click send, it either just crashes ( & needs an end task)  or comes up with a 'Operation Failed' error and then it crashes.


      I have tried;


      Putting an exclusion in the AV for pdf files.

      Turning off the email scanner plug in

      Turning off av all together


      Reinstalling adobe reader 8 & 9 and then going back to 8 (we dont really want 9 yet)

      New profile (both outlook & windows)


      Getting the user to save a copy to the desktop rather than working from a temp folder (the pdf is opened from a custom db app).


      Repair install on office - followed by Complete remove/ reinstall

      Tried this from run  'regsvr32.exe INETCOMM.DLL' (not entirely sure what it does, but found it somewhere when trwling google)


      I am trying to get the user to try sending the attachment whilst it isnt open in reader, but that is incovenient for them, as sometime they need to do quite a few at a time & need to know which doc is going to which recipient.


      As this problem is intermittant, it may be that other users also have the same problem, but dont report it/ put up with it. I could rebuild the users PC, but it is a fairly new build & is used widely in our office without problem.


      Hope that reasonably clear, heres a bit of background detail;


      Windows XP sp3

      Outlook 2003

      PDF files range from 100kbs to a couple of meg (no pattern here, just as many crashes for small as large)

      Exchange Email account

      Mcafee Enterprise 8.7

      HP core 2 duo/ 512mb ram


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.