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    Save & Send button


      I want to create a save and send button in a form where on clicking the form it gets saved and then gets attached to the email. I want the "to" field and "subject" field to be left open so that it can be sent to anyone in my company. If the default email service is a internet service provider than it gives a prompt after saving that please send it to your xyz contact in teh company as soon as possible.

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          $Nith$ Level 4

          use an email submit button to send your form through email.


          Few constraints:

          1. you cannot send your pdf itself; rather you  could only send data as xml file

               if you still need as pdf, you need to manually attach the file to the email


          2. this will work only if you have a email client installed on your machine (such as outlook)


          ps: to save your form on click of a button, you need to use reader extensions