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    Formatting links

    Authorgirl Level 1

      In my stylesheet, I have set all my links (active, hovered, unvisited and visited) to blue. This works well for all the normal jump links in my project.


      BUT I also have a large amount of drop down links which are coloured green using the Drop-down hotspot font in the stylesheet. The trouble is, when I click on a dropdown it changes to blue whilst it is open. I want it to stay green throughout. Is there any way of achieving this in RH7?

      I suppose I need an extra style for Drop-down active but as these styles are automatically connected to links I don't know how I would do this.



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          It might not be so complicated. I guess is that the style sheet is causing this behaviour by the place of your styles in the style sheet. The place a style has in the style sheet, before or after a certain style, may influence the styling because of the way a css inherits certain aspects.


          My guess is that the dropspot style is defined before the hyperlink style. Placing the style a.dropspot behind the other hyperlink styles will probably solve your problem. (If you're not comfortable with editing your css with an external editor, please post your css so we can take a look for you.)





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            Authorgirl Level 1

            Hello William


            You are right - the dropdown was defined before the hyperlink style.


            I tried editing the .css file and moving it to the bottom but it doesn't make any difference to my project.


            I notice that the drop down style is not a normal 'style' as it cannot be applied manually. I guess this is why I can't manipulate it.


            Thanks anyway - I have learnt several things about stylesheets!

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              Amebr Level 4

              You can change the visited and hover colours in your CSS file.


              If you want different colours for visited and hover, etc, you can define them like so, just changing the colour for each state.

              a.dropspot:link {...}

              a.dropspot:visited {...}

              a.dropspot:active {...}



              If you want all of them to be the same colour, you can define them like so:


              a.dropspot, a.dropspot:hover, a.dropspot:visited {...}


              We've done this with a custom style and it works fine for the links on that type of paragraph. We even defined how the cursor should look.