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    Merged projects in webhelp

    Author care Level 2

      Hi Everyone,

      When updating a merged helpm system recently in which a help file has release notes linked in the following message was displayed:




      In case the screen shot above doesn't come out properly, it states that "the merged help system file uses a different language from the ,master help system which will cause the index and full search functioanlity to be disabled in the merged help system"


      Both master and slave were generated from RH8.


      Please can anyone suggest what's causing this and what I might do about it???

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          Author care Level 2

          Folks I've answered this one myself,

          For anyone else in the same situation, "Language" refers to the project setting. For example US or UK English. If the master project is set to UK English and the slave proejct to US english for example then you will get the message displayed upon opening your webhelp mster project in a web browser.


          To fix simply ensure that all projects have the same language setting...