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    Using Multiple Blends

    iowaGuy Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am using CS3, AS2... I have a background image that I am allowing the user to select multiple layers over the top of (layer 1: new pattern, Layer 2: design...) and the movieclips have the Blend: Overlay applied to them. My problem is when they select a second option (or a second overlay is applied to the background) the overlay shows the layer belows pattern in the new layer... My question is, is there a way to have the the two movieclips ignore each other and only apply the Blend:Overlay to the background movieclip?  ...hard question to word, if this doesnt make sense i can upload an example.


      thanks in advance :-)

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          I don't think I follow you, but it sounds like you've got 3 layers stacked up on top of each other: background (on the bottom, with a pattern in it), layer1 (next up, with say, another pattern in it) and layer2 (above that, with say, a color), and background is set to normal, layers 1 and 2 are set to overlay?


          If that's the case, when you overlay them, they become semi-transparent, and interact with all layers below them. I don't know if you've played with Photoshop at all, but the blend modes in photoshop work almost the same as the blend modes in Flash (with some minor differences).


          Do I have that right?

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            iowaGuy Level 1

            thanks for the response, you are exactly right i did some more investigating and found that it isnt possible... i guess it was wishful thinking that i could the seperate layers to ignore each other and only play off of the background.


            thanks again

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              chanson42 Level 1

              Depending on the effect you're trying to get, you should look at the other blend modes, like multiply and screen. I think that of the modes I use in all of CS, muliply, screen and overlay are the 3 that get the most use.


              Glad I could help, sorry it didn't work like you wanted.