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    HD Footage to DVD burn - Beginner help please....


      Canon xha1s, capturing in an HDV 1080i(30p) project in Premiere Pro cs4.


      I would like to edit the HD footage and then, eventually burn the footage on DVD...knowing it won't be HD at that point.

      But what is y'alls best advice for exporting/encoding HD footage down to Standard with the HIGHEST QUALITY possible?


      Sometimes, I use Canon's Down Conversion feature directly from the camera and I like this, but like I said, I am semi new to this and would like some other options. This advice is strictly for HD footage that needs to eventually be conveted to burn on DVD.


      I am all ears and very very appreciative for all replies and advice!!!


      Thank you!

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          I have a similar requirement, although to achieve the "best" quality using a standard DVD format I find the best thing to do is to shoot HDV and edit in HDV. Then using Adobe Media Encoder export to H.264 format and the same settings as the shot video, in my case it's 1440x1080i 50 PAL.


          Then in Adobe Encore create a DVD build (not Blue Ray) and use the 9.4mbps setting. Import to the Encore timeline your exported H.264 video (mpeg4). I get some really good results (almost HD looking, with minimum loss and artifacts) using the standard DVD setting. It works for me.


          Keep in mind that every time you convert from something to something else you will lose quality, so start off with the best quality you can, and this starts at the camera - downcoverting into PremPro to edit in Standard Def is okay but I would only use this method to output to the Internet. If you want to output to DVD keep it all HD and export to a H.264 HD setting, then build to either Blue Ray, or DVD settings.