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    Audio delay in exported movie. Help!


      I have hdv video that I captured in premiere. Watching the imported video, there is no problem. But when I try try to export the movie to anything, there is a significant delay in the audio. Windows movie maker actually can read the original and when exported, the movie maker file audio matches the video (although movie maker does not maintain the proper aspect ratio).


      Am I missing a setting somewhere?



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to provide DETAILS before anyone may try to help


          Your computer specifications, especially the number of hard drives and where you put files


          Your EXACT work steps, including all project settings


          That will be a start...

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            nvroddog Level 1



            Premiere Pro CS3

            Alienware MJ12

            3GB Ram, 2 HDD

            Video originally recorded on Canon XH-A1

            Video captured in premiere from Sony HVR-M15U

            Video is NTSC 1080i 60

            Project settings are HDV 1080i

            original and exported video go to default my documents folder



            I just import the mpeg2 file into the composition, drag it onto the timeline and then try to export it. I've tried exporting to different formats and with different settings, but always have the same audio delay. The original mpeg2 file plays fine in media player.