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    Resize all the project before publishing.



      Excuse me, I'm French and do not find a forum in French to captivate. Therefore I ask my question here.


      Let me ask you a question, because the tear my hair for 3 days.


      That is my question:


      I work with Captivate 4.
      All goes well when capturing applications.
      The capture happens in 806 x 625.


      But I have to resize my must catch in 437 x 335. So I take each slide and put it in the format 437 x 335.


      But that's my problem: How to resize also the entire project (not just the slides) in the same format (437 x 335), because when I publish the swf is still in the original format, or 806 x 625?


      Thank you for your lights, because there, I do not have much hair.