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    Adobe After Effects Freezes


      Version 7.0.1

      CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual 4200 (running in 32 bit)

      2.21 ghz

      Ram: 2gb

      OS: XP SP3

      graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT


      To start, my creative suite is a bit dated and was purchased as the education bundle.  I have had success on my current cpu making videos until about a year ago.  It first started when I would try to load a project I had been working on earlier in the week.  The program froze.  Then I decided to move over to Premiere Pro 2.0 and import the project there and it crashed as well.  After a while of problems, I successfully uninstalled and deactivated my software, then reinstalled and activated it once again.  I load AE 7 and try to import a song (mp3) and it crashes.  I sluethed out the patch and applied it so that I am at the current version, v.7.0.1 and tried again, still crashes.  I then downloaded the latest software driver for my graphics card, and that didn't help.


      Prior to asking this in the forums i looked into using Adobe's "ask" service, which I've used before.  My options are not nearly close to what my problem is, so I felt it was useless to post my problem under a false subject and product.  And here I am.


      Other info about my set up is I am using dual monitors.  I am able to successfully use Photoshop and all of it's functions.  I have 2 partitions, C: and G:.  XP is on C, my adobe suite is on G (this was not an issue before).  I tried importing a song that was on C: and I got it to crash with an error window telling me to check the known problems or contact tech support. This crash also triggers a Microsoft resolution involving lmpgspl.ax.  I followed the steps and even some forum advice on MS website and this file thats supposedly "not supported" isn't even on my computer.  I have "show hidden files" selected and it isn't there.


      I'm at the end of my rope.  It is my hope that someone out there may have my solution.  I can always give more information if needed, just let me know.