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    Content assist only displays the flash.errors package

    Jake Lyman

      Has someone encountered this before? Content assist is not working for me within Flex Builder 3. I just updated to the latest stable sdk I was starting a project and when I typed "import flash." all that was offered by content assist was "errors".


      See picture below and thanks in advance for any and all help!


      Picture 1.png



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          Hey there!


          I happen to have the exact same problem... and I'm yet to find a solution. Happened yesterday and somehow I managed to fix it. Don't know what I did but it envolved importing/exporting, clearing the workspace... whatever, it just got back on track the same way it got out of it... Happend again today... and I haven't been able to fix it. Have you found a solution for this? I'm using the sdk.


          Edit: It's working again... all I did was open a *.as file that happened to implement the Event class... don't know if that triggered it.