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    RDS connection fails




      I have setup ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder on a development workstation.  Now I'm trying to get debugging to work however I'm having heck of a time trying to get RDS to work.  I have made sure the RDS is not commented out in web.xml and retyped the RDS password.  I'm using the following:

      Host Name: localhost
      Port: 8500
      Context Root: C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\
      Password: ***




      Any words of wisdom or pointers in the right direction?



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          KasiaP Level 1

          At this point I'm trying anything




          Description: localhost

          Host Name: localhost

          Port Number: 5005

          Context Root: /

          User Name:

          Password: ****

          Unable to contact the RDS Server "localhost."

          Premature EOF encountered

          Changed to:

          Context Root: /tests/fusebox_catclub

          Unable to contact the RDS Server "localhost."


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            Bhakti Pingale Level 2



            Is your server running?

            Can you access the Admin page successfully?

            Did you try adding it through the server manager?



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              KasiaP Level 1

              Thanks for replying Bhakti!


              You have pointed me to the right direction.  I'm new to ColdFusion (transferring from PHP and Java) and going to Server Manager page was the answer.  However that opened another box of warms, since I'm running IIS 5.1 which apparently doesn't mix well with RDS.  It a good excuse to change to server 2003 though.


              Thanks again.

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                jepoy1 Level 1



                   So you mean IIS and RDS has some issue? because currently I have a problem on RDS and IIS.

                And there is an error (A connection to the RDS Server could not be established because the webserver was unreachable).

                Even if I enable the RDS in Coldfusion. And use Port 80.

                Please advise..




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                  KasiaP Level 1

                  Check your line debugger settings.  Make sure that "Allow Line Debugging" is on (by default it's turned off); if you're using CF9 you will be able start/restart the debugger server on the same page, if you're on CF8 you might have to do a restart through services.


                  My settings are:


                  DEBUGGER SETTINGS:

                  Allow Line debugging - ON

                  Debugger Port: 5005

                  Maximum Simultaneous Debugging Sessions: 5


                  ECLIPSE SERVER SETTINGS:

                  Servername: localhost

                  Application Server: Jrun

                  Host Name: localhost

                  WebServer Port: 80

                  RDS User Name: admin

                  RDS Password: ******


                  Another IMPORTANT factor is... make sure you are running eclipse 3.4.2 not the latest 3.5.1 which is not supported by the ColdFusion Builder installed as eclipse plugin.


                  Hope that helps,