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    How do you create a list without a visible scroll bar?

    Truce Level 1

      I'd like to create a list that can be scrolled via the actual list contents like iPhone apps.


      How do you go about setting this up in Catalyst?


      I could make the whole area the 'track' and put the

      returned array of objects on top of the track but then

      the 'thumb' needs to be the returned array of objects

      as well.


      Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed.





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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Truce,


          It may be tricky to use a scrollbar for this.  If you think about iPhone-like behavior (or Acrobat-like, perhaps ), you want dragging downward to move the content downward.  But when you drag a scrollbar thumb downward, the content moves upward instead.  You can "cheat" your way past this by using the transform tool to rotate the vertical scrollbar 180 degrees upside-down.


          However, you may still have a few other problems with using a scrollbar.  First, having a thumb over top of your list items may make it hard or impossible to click items (without dragging) to select them.  Also, when dragging, the items won't move up/down at the same speed as the mouse.  This is because the scrollbar's drag range covers the entire list if you move the mouse the full length of the scrollbar... whereas with iPhone-style dragging, moving the mouse this distance will just scroll you one "screenful."


          - Peter