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    Keyframe Velocity / Influence Script?

    Marc Trzepla Level 1

      It would be great if I could find a script someone has that allows me to Custom Easy Ease.


      I want specific keyframes to have specific influence values.  MOST of the time I can select all of my keys and Command-Shift-K them and they all change to the same value entered.  Sometimes though, you have to do them one .. at .. a .. time.  (Take Bezier Warp tangents and vertex keys for example.  TWELVE keys for every Time Key and multi-select only changes the first one selected!  Arrrrgggghhh!)


      I noticed that all keys DO respond to the "right-click Easy Ease" which sets every key selected to the same Influence of 33.33% ... so that got me thinking...


      Anyone have anyhing like this?