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    AdvancedDatagrid Grouping question


      Getting the hang of this AdvancedDataGrid control. I think it has a lot of potential but I just cant figure out how to do one thing. As you can see from the picture I am grouping by Section and then SubSection. The problem is when there is no subsection data value the items are grouped into a blank folder. Kind of tacky. I wrote this groupLabelingFunction:


      private function groupLabelHandler(data:Object, depth:int):String {
                      var grp:IGroupingCollection = diagnosesGrid.dataProvider.source as GroupingCollection;
                      var grpLabelProperty:String = grp.grouping.label;
                      return (data[grpLabelProperty] == null || data[grpLabelProperty] == "") ? "(No Subsection)" : data[grpLabelProperty];


      And that works great. Instead of a blank folder the folder is titled (No Subsection) however, my boss would instead like those items in that folder to appear in the root of the Section folder. Is there a way to pull them out or get it to ignore the subgrouping when the value is blank?